Types Of Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies For All Your Crafting Needs

Humans have always been fascinated with beautiful things and since the beginning of times they have looked for ways to embellish themselves to look beautiful. When there were no jewelry designing tools and techniques available, humans used to string found objects and wear them as accessories. Seeds, stones, shells and even bones were used to create jewelry items during the earlier days. But over time, people started showing more interest in jewelry designing and this led to the invention of jewelry making tools and supplies. Technology played a major role in introducing tools and techniques that made jewelry making easy and hassle free.

Today, there are many different types of jewelry supplies available which can be used to create stunning and unique pieces of jewelry. Apart from the regular beads and tools, jewelry making supplies available on the market are diverse and some are even unique. For those who are looking to start a jewelry business, it is a good idea to purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies as having bulk lot can help save time and money.

There are many different types of wholesale jewelry making supplies available these days. Whatever your crafting needs there are supplies that can be used for any crafting or beading project imaginable. In this post, we will look at some of the most common types of wholesale jewelry making supplies that you can consider.

Cords and wire – cords and wire are used in all types of jewelry projects. They are the base on which beads are strung. Apart from cord and wire, you can also consider gold or silver chains. These are essential in creating necklaces and bracelets which allow you to remove or add links. If you are a beginner, consider purchasing a jewelry making kit that includes all the different supplies, beads and clasps. As you advance, you can purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies and create timeless pieces of jewelry.

Beads and spacers – other essential jewelry supplies are beads are spacers. Once you have obtained the right cords and wire, you will need beads and other embellishments suitable for your project. Consider buying wholesale beads and spacers so you get an assortment of beads at really affordable prices.

Hooks and clasps – without hooks and clasps, no jewelry piece can be complete. These are essential to fasten the two ends together. Hooks and clasps are essential supplies for necklaces and bracelets. Using different types of hooks and clasps can help you create different styles of jewelry pieces. Wholesale lots usually consist of different shapes, styles and sizes of hooks and clasps which can open up a range of possibilities in terms of jewelry designs.

Cutters, pliers, scissors and other essential tools – when making beaded jewelry, it is essential to have the right tools for cutting off excess wire and cord. These tools are also often used to get rid of broken clasps and links within the jewelry piece.

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How Smoking Shelters Can Affect Your Life

A smoking shelter is a structure built or installed to serve as a designated smoking area for smokers to indulge in their habit. These shelters are usually covered structures and are intended to keep people inside it comfortable. These structures can be made to fit 5 to 20 people at the same time.

While there are some who might think that smoking shelters encourage smokers to keep on smoking when they should be encouraged to stop, the fact remains that only smokers can put an end to their habit so no amount of restrictions can stop them if they really want to smoke.

A private shelter for smokers offers varied advantages, such as:

• It allows businesses to comply with laws on smoking in public places.
• It allows smokers to freely enjoy a puff without worrying that their habit can affect the health of non-smokers.
• It prevents fire accidents due to irresponsible disposal of cigarette butts. There are trash bins inside these shelters.
• Smokers are protected against the rain, wind and the sun.
• Amidst the fumes and smoke, smokers can still breathe fresh air because of the open door and the open space between the walls and the ground.

A shelter that is specially designed for smokers does not only benefit smokers in the sense that it provides them with a private space to smoke. A shelter also gives non-smokers a number of good benefits, such as:

• It keeps indoor air clean and smoke-free.
• It keeps non-smokers away from the hazards of second-hand smoke.
• It can be used to protect non-smokers from increment weather. Non-smokers can seek shelter in these structures should the need arise.
• It de-clogs building entrances from smokers.

There are strict laws that govern the construction of a smoking shelter. As a general rule, a shelter needs a planning permission before it can be built or installed. Since these are mostly located outside buildings, the shelters can be enclosed by a bollard to protect its acrylic glass walls.

Smoking shelters are usually built using stainless steel. Some are made of powder-coated aluminum. These materials are preferred because they are fire-resistant. Stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum are also highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The clear walls have to be fire-resistant, too. It is also best that the walls are shatterproof because acrylic glass can be vulnerable to some hard blows. A bollard can be placed around the shelter to keep the shelter safe from vandals.

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There but for the Grace of God go I … Stopped Smoking Cigarettes

God Did For Me What I Could Not Do For Myself

I don’t remember exactly what day I started smoking cigarettes, but I do remember the day that I quit smoking as if it were yesterday. At about ten years of age, started acting cool like grown ups with a couple friends by acting as though we smoked by rolling up dried lawn grass from backyards and the Merrill Park in the Jeffery Manor at Chicago, Illinois. We also tried smoking dried tree leaves rolled up inside notebook paper, typing paper, old Chicago Transit Authority transfer fare paper, torn pages from a phone book or whatever was available. Trying to imitate my father, cousins, other adults, movies stars, soldiers, cowboys, musicians, tough guys, bad guys, good guys and any other heroes who smoked cigarettes. I guess it was cool and glamorous when they inhaled/exhaled smoke in their lungs. It made them look smarter and in control. I did not know how to smoke at all. I just puffed and coughed from the burning sensation that I felt in my chest and lungs. It was awfully painful! One day a friend stole an open pack from his mother and we tried to smoke a real cigarette. I think it was either Benson & Hedges or Virginia Slims cigarettes. By the way, we learned that a cigarette is also called a “square”. We almost got busted because my friend’s mother found out her cigarettes were missing and it seemed like trouble was coming fast. Somehow I dodged that bullet. If you ask me today, then I wish I had been busted so I could be punished. And back then we used to get beatings for disobedience and doing wrong. Today it is called child abuse. I think that is what’s wrong with this world today. Spare the rod; spoil the child. I needed a beat down just on GP alone.

Time passed and I learned to smoke the real McCoy, cigarettes fresh out the pack or crush-proof box! Newport brand cigarettes, an attractive green square shaped pack or box with the upside Nike swoosh on the front label and the surgeon general’s warning on the side, to be exact. Twenty, filtered menthol cigarettes, jam packed with nicotine, tar, embalming fluid and couple hundred more flavorful low-dosed toxic deadly poisons. I learned to hold the cigarette like a real man should. I held the square between my index finger and middle finger with a slight curve on the pull, like a cool way of holding a pool stick at a speak-easy pool hall, tavern, bar or a club. I was cool at 12 years old. Stunting my growth and development already. It took me a couple days to learn exactly how to inhale smoke without choking. And of course, I did choke. I got light-headed and dizzy in the beginning of my 24-year life sentence as a smoker of cigarettes. That light-headedness made me feel relaxed after enjoying a refreshing cigarette. Oh, I did not discriminate in the beginning. I smoked many different brands without prejudice. For example, Kools, Marlboroughs, Salems, Players, Camels, and Viceroys (the brand that helped to give my dad emphysema and cancer), oh well, whatever, never mind. Put it this way, if you had a cigarette, I would probably smoke it without hesitation. I was cool, calm and collected, an in control smoker. I mean I was bad, the best of the best, top cat, cool, can you dig it man. (So I thought)

Always coughing up cold. Spitting hockers ranging from off-white to yellow, to tawny, to brown and green, orange and red and the occasional black hocker. Sometimes getting a solid chuck that resembles a broken sunflower seed that stank worse than Rex the dog’s breath on a hot and humid day in Maywood, Illinois in the month of July. Cigarettes were cheap to buy back in the day. I mean the early 1980’s when I started smoking. They were more or less about 75cents a pack. I heard in the military, they were about $7 for a carton of 20 packs of squares back then, in the early 80’s. It just didn’t cost that much to kill yourself back then. Now the cost of living is high and the cost of dying is higher. My oldest brother and I used to hang out at a friends house. There we were enabled to smoke, drink and listen to loud music in his basement. At home, we hid our bad smoking habit by sticking our heads out of the bathroom window while smoking cigarettes. We used air fresher and aerosol hairspray to kill the smell of cigarette smoke. Who were we fooling? One snowy evening, in the winter of 1982-83, my brother and took a walk down the avenue where we lived, to smoke cigarettes. My mother, for some reason, open the door, looked down the street, just as my brother was taking a few hearty drags, on a freshly lit Newport 100 cigarette. She came out the house and saw him smoking. I almost got busted that day because I was just about to pull my cigarettes out my pocket. Well, just say that eventually I confessed to my habit of smoking around that time also. My mother told us not to smoke around her or in her house, period. She was very disappointed in us but she knew that it was basically nothing she could do because we were big young boys and officially addicted to inhaling nicotine, tar and about 400 other low dose poisons.

Shortness of breath, bad colds and flu symptoms, yellowish (coffin) fingernails, eyes looking lowly and dimly lit up were signs of the unhealthy aspect of smoking cigarettes. What a drag after taking so many drags. Clothes and hair stinking like smoke. Holes burned in clothing. I apparently loved cigarettes and it was a marriage of convenience that kept us together as one. And for 24 years it took its toll on my life and me. Nicotine controlled me and I was not the wiser. A friend once told me that with every pull of smoke I took, 5 seconds was taken from my lifetime. My rational answer was, we are all gonna die from something, you’ll never know what or how. Enough said for the glory of smoking cigarettes.

While visiting an elder near Green Bay, Wisconsin in about the spring of 1984, I remember eating an authentic home-cooked Polish dinner for the very first time. We ate Polish sausage and sauerkraut and some kick ass horseradish. It was the bomb! I was about 14 years old at the time. I had a girlfriend. She didn’t smoke. I use to always brush my teeth, use mouthwash, chew gum, and use a breath mint or spray or something before I kissed her, if I smoked. It really wasn’t right, to be honest. I mean, my smoking. But I denied the truth about it. Back to Green Bay, the people I was visiting found out that I was a young boy smoking cigarettes, after trying to hide it and cover it up from them. I remember, Joseph a man I love and respect like a father, telling me don’t be a hypocrite and admit that I smoke. It felt like a weight was lifted off my chest after telling the truth. Yet, I still smoked. So, I asked Joseph’s father, Gramps, did he smoke? He said “yes, but he quit about 15 years before our conversation.” I asked him “how did he quit?” He said, “he just stopped.” And that, “when it is time for you to quit, then you will know it and just quit for good.” I had a fresh addiction to nicotine flowing through my veins and I craved for a cigarette after that delicious meal. I thought to myself, “easier said than done old man”. That meeting with him has stayed with me ever since.

As time went by, year progressed. The same thing, I smoked after eating food, drinking alcoholic beverages, drinking coffee, drinking soft drinks and especially drinking highly caffeinated colas. I smoke when I felt happy, sad, upset, or just to be smoking a cigarette to have something to do like people who play baseball, a past time. Even when someone ticked me off, when problems and trouble came up, before and after relieving myself, I had to smoke another cigarette. That is the plain truth. And it’s somethen rong with that pickture!

I remember trying to quit off and on with no success whatsoever. I would quit a day or two, a week or so and “bam!” I was back at it again, “Smokin’!” It was off to the races again, baby. Addicted to nicotine. You see, as the years went on, I became allergic to dogs, cats, dust, pollen and grasses. I later developed bronchitis. I wonder did smoking have something to do with my developing these health problems. Hmm. I wonder… Well, anyway, I’m in my mid-30’s. I am now a little older and I believe a tad bit wiser. I no longer need to look cool, act cool and think that I’m cool, in order to be cool. Sometimes in order to be cool, you have to be uncool. You will surprise your friends and confuse your enemies. I felt like Pavlov’s dog when it came to smoking cigarettes. I also began to remember when my mother use to say that “I do not want to use anything that has that much power over me.” Yes, she was right and basically said ” I am powerless over cigarettes.” Until I realized the truth in that statement, I would probably have smoked for the rest of my natural life. It is not so much as the physical dependence of nicotine or cigarettes but the mental dependence caused by my thinking and the force of habitual thinking and acting upon the thought of physically craving nicotine. And the best way I could get my nicotine fix was to fire up a cigarette and inhale the smoke. If I do not pick up the cigarette, then I will not smoke.

A few months ago, one night I had awakened very early, like 3am. Immediately, I got the thought to write down all the pros and cons of smoking cigarettes. Besides looking cool, which is a lie, I could not find one good reason to smoke cigarettes. I have some pretty good reasons why I should not smoke, though. I came up with over 35 reasons. Here are some reasons why I should stop smoking cigarettes from the top of the list.

1. Stopping smoking now reduces your chances of getting throat cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colon or stomach cancer and other serious health problems.

2. Pregnant women reduce the chances of having miscarriage, or a child born with birth defects.

3. Cough less and have fewer colds and flu symptoms.

4. Breathe better, more freely and easily.

5. Outlook on life will improve.

6. Run, walk and climb stairs with less effort.

7. Smile wider with brighter eyes.

8. Mental keenness and alertness improves dramatically.

9. Hair, skin, teeth and fingernails smell and look better.

10. You will save a lot of money.

Just read the side of a pack of cigarettes. It comes with a grave warning. Those are the consequences you get for smoking. I know because my biological father died of throat cancer and emphysema. Yes, he smoked cigarettes, suffered the consequences and died prematurely. God rest his soul. One day, while I was talking with a good friend about his recently stopping smoking cigarettes. He made it sound easy and in fact it is. First, let’s look at the score. The price of cigarettes have recently gone up due to city/state excise taxes in Illinois for health cost/benefits, the military budget, and lot of other things. It costs $7 for a fresh pack of cigarettes at many stores in Chicago. But the true cost is of smoking is one human life at a time. Many cities have now imposed ordinances that ban smoking in public facilities even outdoors. People are aware that second hand smoke causes cancer and emphysema just as well as inhaling/exhaling the smoking gun, firsthand. So it is becoming more and more socially unacceptable to smoke. Ahhh, the pressure…

Well, Charles, the good friend of mine that I mentioned told me that he stopped smoking with the help based upon his realizing that he too is powerless over cigarettes and that his life was unmanageable as far as the time and effort put into smoking cigarettes. And only a Power Greater than himself or I call God, could remove the mental obsession of a nicotine fix or shall I say smoking cigarettes. Also, he did not mention that he feigned or had nicotine fits or a bad attitude associated with many smokers because there were basically none. In fact, when I finally quit. I had only two big cigarette cravings that I could really remember. The rest was just my choice and desire not to smoke at all, which God gave me to remove it, Himself. “God did for me what I could not do for myself!” Also, my good friend Charles told me that he just picked a date to quit smoking “cold turkey”. No nicotine patches or nicotine gum because the problem is not the patch or the gum, the problem is the person smoking. You don’t need a crutch. Besides, you are only taking the thing that you are trying to remove, “nicotine”. He said that after two days, the cravings went away. It was just that his desire not to smoke cigarettes had outweighed his desire to smoke cigarettes. Also, believe that a Power Greater than yourself or God can restore your thinking to sanity. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Sanity is knowing and believing and acting upon the truth that you cannot successfully smoke cigarettes without grave consequences. When you realize that you are powerless over tobacco or smoking cigarettes that means that you surrender the belief that you can beat a cigarette’s power to causes death to yourself and others. You have no power over cigarettes whatsoever. So stop fighting the cravings and let them go right past you. Stop anticipating how you will act upon stopping smoking. Try exercises such as jogging, cycling, or swimming. Read a book; write a short story or poem or two. For example, enter a poetry and writing contest such as Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest http://www.dreamquestone.com. It is a great avenue to share your thoughts, feelings and dreams with the world. It helps to take you outside yourself. Just don’t think about smoking and don’t try to figure out how God works. God works in mysterious ways. So make a decision to turn your will and life over to your Higher Power, as you understand Him. That means that every morning you wake up, during the day when you feel like smoking a cigarette and before going to bed turn your will and life over to the complete care and abandon of God as you understand Him. Give yourself completely to God. You will see a change. You better believe it. He will direct your paths to quitting smoking cigarettes one day at a time. Take a deep breath whenever your feel an urge to smoke. And if you really want to stop smoking, you will understand that when a craving comes to you, you are powerless over it. And to just let it go by you instead of being strong and trying to resist something you cannot resist by yourself. Let it go and let God have it. Let God handle it. If He brings you to it, He will walk you through it. You will see the results, one day at a time. In the long run, you will be smoke free and healthier. For more info on stopping smoking please visit the following websites:(God Bless!)

· http://www.lungusa.org

· http://www.cancer.org

· http://www.americanheart.org

· http://www.dreamquestone.com

Andre West smoked cigarettes for 24 years and was imprisoned in his own mind to suffer what most smokers deny. He came to believe that he is powerless over cigarettes and smoking was compromising his life. By the grace of God, he no longer has the desire to light up a cigarette and is here to tell you why.

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If you have been arrested for a DWI or a

If you have been arrested for a DWI or any other kind of arrest, you might be in need of a jail release lawyer. There are many details getting out of jail that you need to be aware of so that you can get yourself out as soon as possible.

There are a lot of stressful portions of getting out of jail that you need to make sure you are aware of. Jail-release is defined as, with the help of a lawyer, going through the court process to get yourself out of jail on some type of bond.

The first part of the whole procedure is the arrest. When you are arrested, the officer will then take you into booking. During booking you will photographed as well as fingerprinted to get your information in the system. You will then be put into a holding cell to await your bail hearing. Once you have been to your bail hearing, the judge will decide on a bail amount depending on what the offense was and all of your past record. This is the point where a lawyer would be very helpful. An Austin jail release lawyer can walk you through all of the hearing process and help you to get out of jail as quickly as possible.

If you are a first time offender with no prior arrests or anything of that nature, the court is more likely to be lenient on you because of your past. There are three different types of bail bonds that you can look at to help get you out of jail once the court as issued you a bail amount. This can be a hard process to handle if you don’t have a lawyer to help you through the process and get you out of jail.

Anyone who is arrested and put in to jail is going to be in need of a lawyer to get out of jail. Getting out of jail can be a huge relief once you get through the process. The three types of bonds are personal bonds, bail bonds, and cash bonds. Personal bonds are the only type of jail release that doesn’t involve any type of money. Personal bonds are usually for people with a minor offense and clean record who will give their word to the court to come back and appear at their trial hearing. Jail release lawyers can help you to decide on which bond will be the best one for your situation.

For more information, contact the Austin Jail Release Lawyers of Morales and Navarrete at http://www.austinjailreleaselawyer.com/

Joseph Devine

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Natural Allergy Relief: Is It Possible?

Do you suffer from allergies?  If you do, you may have been prescribed prescription medication by your doctor.  If not, you may have still tired a number of over-the-counter allergy relief medications and products.  Unfortunately, medicine does not always work for all allergy sufferers.  That leaves many individuals wondering if there is a way that they can seek more natural relief, without the use of medicine.


As for whether or not you can seek allergy relief without the use of prescription medication or over-the-counter products, you will find that you can.  In fact, you will find that you have a number of different options.  Some of these options are not only safer than using medicine, but they are also much cheaper.


If you do not suffer from food allergies, you can use food as way to seek relief.  As for why you should avoid this approach if you suffer from a food allergy, it is because you may have another allergic reaction, which you are trying to prevent.  With that said, if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, pet allergies, mold and mildew allergies, certain foods may be able to provide you with relief.  These foods include the juice from a lime, namely when mixed with lukewarm water, eating one or two bananas a day, as well as drinking vegetable juices.


Another more natural way to relive some of the symptoms that are associated with allergies is with vitamin B5.  Although many sometimes consider vitamin supplements to be medicine, they aren’t really.  Even though you will be taking a supplement, it is still much more natural than many allergy relief medications.  For how much vitamin B5 should be taken, most recommend one supplement a day for around two or three months.


Despite the fact that natural ways to seek relief from allergies are most commonly associated with natural remedies that involve certain foods, vitamins, and herbs, there are other steps that you can take.  For example, you can remove yourself from your trigger factors.  For example, if you have allergies that are due to mold and mildew, avoid areas in your home where mold or mildew is present, like your basement.  If you suffer from allergies due to dust, consider hiring a professional cleaning service or you can clean more often, which should reduce the amount of dust that accumulates overtime.


As it was previously stated, it is advised that you display caution if you suffer from a food allergy.  This is because many food allergies are more severe than other allergies, such as pet allergies.  Those who are allergic to peanuts can actually go into shock and die within a matter of minutes.  For that reason, if you suffer from food allergies, you will not want to just limit your consumption of foods, but you will want to completely eliminate the food or foods that you are allergic to from your diet.  This is important to know as some sufferers do get other allergies confused.  For example, those who suffer from pet allergies don’t always need to find a new home for their pets, but they should limit their contact.  However, it is important to remember that food allergies and pet allergies are not the same.


As previously stated, there are a number of different ways that you can natural seek allergy relief.  If you are looking for more steps that you can take, perform a standard internet search online.  Also, consider investing in natural remedy books or guides that are designed to help those living with allergies.

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How to Set a Good Price for Your Home In

How to Set a Good Price for Your Home
In the world of real estate sales, setting the right price for your home is considered to be one of the most important factors in the closing of the deal. How you go about setting the price can either make or break the deal. While setting a genuine price for your home, remember that it should be in accordance with the condition of the house. If the price is not in accordance with the current market rate, you stand to lose a lot of money.

The following factors can influence the value of your home:

. The size and condition of the bedrooms.
. The size of the yard.
. Design and planning of the house.
. Fencing.
. Easy accessibility to schools, colleges and malls.
. Availability of transportation.

How to Evaluate the Price of your Home?

When striking a deal with potential buyers, it is important to first evaluate the value of your home. Setting a good price for your home is the key to selling it fast. You should neither overprice nor under-price it, because prospective buyers are usually vary of this and term the home undesirable. Research is very important when it comes to selling your home fast and gaining knowledge of the price structure of the other houses in your neighborhood. Once you confirm the current market rates for houses in your neighborhood, you can second this confirmation by getting an online assessment of your homes worth, especially if you are planning to sell it by yourself. On the other hand, consulting an agent or an established realtor can provide you with a rough value of your home, based on the market price prevalent in the neighborhood, together with the current condition of your home.

What will sell your Home cost you?

It is very important to first calculate the expenses that may be incurred while selling your home. This knowledge is absolutely necessary because it helps you to determine a good price for the house, as well as the potential profit that you can realize. The cost of selling your home includes factors like the commission to be paid to the realtor, property taxes, advertising costs, excise taxes and homeowner association charges.

Get Professional Help when Evaluating the Price of your Home

Professional advice can provide you with an unbiased judgment, when it comes to setting the price for your home. This evaluation is based on a number of factors.

. The present condition of your home.
. The location of your home.
. The need for any repairs or renovation.
. Change in market trend.
. Reason for the urgency in selling the house.

The Hampering effects of over pricing

If the price that you set for your house is too high, the following could result:

. A high price may limit the number of potential buyers, as it will be way out of their purchasing reach.

. Less or no buyers might visit your home.

. Your house may be considered as undesirable or defective because of its prolonged stay in the market.

Thus, understanding the factors behind setting an ideal price for your home is extremely important. It requires wise decision-making capability on the part of the seller.

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Belk had a doorbuster sale!! Run by tomo

Belk had a doorbuster sale!! Run by tomorrow if you have a moment. http://ow.ly/gn53k

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